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Your future starts right here, start saving for a better future. Save with our stokvel and earn rewards while you save.

Not sure where to start?

Try our calculator, slide the bars to edit your term and monthly amount to see what your return would be. The calculator also show you the plans you can customise to fit your choices.

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All of our savings options are listed below, you can look at each plan individually or contact one of our Dedicated Consultants to help you choose a plan that will best suit your needs.


Choose your savings plan according to how much you can afford to pay monthly. This way, you know exactly how much you are signing up for and can budget easily.


At United African Stokvel we are all about helping our community of members design the life of their dreams by teaching them how easy it is to save money.  


First time saving iwth us? Choose one of our amount-based savings plans to kickoff your financial future. From as little as R500 per month up to R10 000 per month, we’ve got a savings plan to suit your pocket.


Choose any of the plans below and sign up on the page.

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R500 pm
UASV Stokvel

This option allows you to save a larger amount to earn more rewards. You will save R500 a month over 12 months, you get a total return of R6 692.90. Your reward for saving is R692,90

R750 pm
UASV Stokvel

The more you save, the bigger your rewards and payout. Saving R750 a month will pay out R10 039.35 at the end of your 12 month saving period. Your reward for saving is R1 039,35

R1 000 pm
UASV Stokvel

Big savings gives you big rewards, start building your future, one saving at a time. Saving R1 000 a month for 12 months will have a payout of R13 385.79 thats a reward of R1 385,79

R2 500

R2 500 pm
Savings Plan

A popular choice for members looking to save with their spouse, your monthly contribution over 12 months has a payout of R33 464.49 with your reward of R3 464.49

R5 000

R5 000 pm
Savings Plan

The larger savings options allow for spouses or partners to both contribute to this savings plan. You'll get a payout of R66 928.97 with your compound reward of R6 928.97


Whether you are going to have a baby, plan to upskill and invest in your future, ensure school fees are sorted, or just want to spoil yourself on your birthday, we have a variety of occasion-based savings plans to suit your needs. 



At United African Stokvel we are passionate about teaching our members how easy it is to save money. You can create the life you want by walking with us on your financial journey for your future.



Have a something special coming up? Choose one of our occasion-based savings plans and pay it forward to #futureyou. Watch out for our regular specials!


Choose any of the plans below and sign up on the page.

Flexi R500 - R5 000

Savings Plan

Happy birthday to ME! Don't wait for someone else to spoil you on your birthday. Sign up for our anytime flexi Birthday Plan to help you save any amount between R500 - R5000 over a 12 month period. Spoil future you and save for a birthday payday!

Flexi R500 - R5 000

Savings Plan

Having a baby is equally as amazing as it is terrifying. This is especially true when you start adding up the costs... Let us help you save to become a new parent so that you can focus on spending time with your little one. Choose an amount to save over a 6-month saving term.

Super Flexi savings option-savings plan-high interest-how to earn compound interest-united african stokvel
R500 - R5 000

Super Flexi
Savings Plan

Save for your child's future or send money to parents back home. This is the best way to start a savings plan for someone you love. Flexible amount between R200 - R5 000 and flexible term choices between 12 - 60 months.

How it works

This is how UASV generates rewards for members


We collect savings contributions from customers to start their savings cycle


The money is then invested in property and the telecommunications sector


We ensure that all investments are growing at a rate of 1.67% each month


After the lock-in term is completed, the member receives their initial savings amount with rewards. The member can then save again and start a new cycle with us or use their savings on something else

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