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Creating a financial diet

What is a financial diet? Why is it important? How do I use this to change my system? Today we will cover all these questions. Now there are many books and post that tell you how to better manage your finances or how to create the kind of lifestyle you want. The financial diet on…
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Creating a budget

When creating a budget there are many ways to begin. Some people make a list of their income, expenses and wants. They balance their needs according to how much they earn. But is there a universal rule or a better way to make a budget? The short answer, yes there is. Today we will discuss…
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Are you aware of your financial health?

 Do you know what your current net worth is? Have you set any financial goals? Deciding that we want to manage our money better or become a millionaire is the same as setting new years resolutions we never stick to. Without a plan in place we will never achieve our financial goals. The best place…
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