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United African Stokvel

United African Stokvel is a community-based savings club where we help individuals save for their future, together. We are built on a foundation of trust with our members. We are passionate about educating educate people on how easy it is to save with our various savings plans offerings as well as our money tips blog and help build a culture of savings.


Our digital stokvel uses a trust account to store peoples money and is regulated by our chairman, funds are only accessed when a member has completed their savings term or cancelled their plan.


We reward our members for saving and building their future. Our savings plans have been designed to give you the best rewards possible. 


You can sign-up straight from our savings options pages by completing the sign-up form, or you can contact one of our Dedicated Consultants to help you choose the best plan for you.


We are a digital stokvel so all our memberships and sign-ups are digital.  This not only offers convenience, but also privacy for all of our members.

How it works

This is how UASV generates rewards for members


We collect savings contributions from customers to start their savings cycle


The money is then invested in property and the telecommunications sector


We ensure that all investments are growing at a rate of 1.67% each month


After the lock-in term is completed, the member receives their initial savings amount with rewards. The member can then save again and start a new cycle with us or use their savings on something else

Our Team

Jatin Gordhan

Financial Governance

Jatin has over 20 years of forensic investigative and strategic planning experience within an enforcement environment specialising in leading complex investigations into criminal syndicates involved in organised crime to ensure successful criminal and civil prosecution. Jatin has written and passed the FIAS RE1 and RE5

He has been a volunteer facilitator with the Art of Living Foundation and International Association for Human Values since 2003 and facilitates the level 2 DSN program, the level 1 Happiness program and the Stress Management and Rehabilitation Training course.

Shirley Langbein


Shirley believes that all things become possible, through the constant and changing challenges of our world.  She is filled with community spirit and as a Director of two companies, she finds her passion for all aspects of administration and organisation rewarding. 

As a mother, she has learnt the supreme art of juggling schedules and getting things done on time.  Shirley is committed to making more of a difference in her area of expertise and influence.

Themby Titsha

Brand Ambassador

Ms Themby Titsha is a Certified Transformational Coach, President of Global Empowerment Woman Summit Network Club, SA Chapter and the brains behind Embrace Africa Concepts Group. Her first love is business with strength in concept development and is been involved in various projects for the past 15 years and has received a number of recognition nominations.

Her qualifications include Business Management, Industrial Relations and Certified Scrum Master. She believes in women empowerment and that it is of importance to do everything possible to impact your sphere in a positive way to bring about Global Change.

Buhle Mpofu

Brand Ambassador

Buhle Mpofu is a 24-year-old female who is passionate about people in general and this helps her in interacting with people from different backgrounds whether it’s in her property job professionally or socially in the media. A naturally friendly and warm person who would like to use that character to influence change in people as well as giving to the less fortunate.  

Buhle didn’t grow up with much but says “I am who I am today because of the opportunities other people granted me and to show my gratitude I want to pass it on.”

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